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Over a century ago, the Atomic Era ushered in a world of nuclear power and technological wonder. Resource consumption to fuel this new energy source brought about global shortages. International incitement sparked. Paranoia and corruption exploded. The United States was converted into a Cold War police state as global conflict escalated. The year is now 2077, and air-raid sirens announce nuclear detonation as warheads devastate the American Commonwealth. You flee to the nearest bit of shelter you can find, taking refuge underground. The world above is lost. Welcome to the beginning of the end of the pre-war world.
advanced roleplay L3 S2 V3 merging prose & gameplay

2077 is a unique Fallout experience based heavily off the realistic Fallout 4 survival mod Frost. 2077 is a dark, gritty slog through human perseverance inspired off the post-war struggles of 'This War of Mine' and the unraveling of civilization seen in 'Bioshock.' This written adventure will be set in the aftermath of a freshly post-nuclear world, where logical realism overrides over-powered gameplay. Fallout is a mature-rated series & we run an 18+ forum. Have questions or need help? Our chat is guest friendly.
currently set in January- March of the year 2078

Welcome to Blackgrove, Florida, a bustling and diverse community of 60,000. Originally founded within scenic swampland by Seminole natives emigrating out of Indiantown, the boon of factories and businesses has utterly transformed the locale over the decades. Wildland was paved over, properties were erected, highways and boulevards laid down, metro systems constructed, and a fully modernized city was developed, surrounded by Blackgrove's wildlife preserve, Florida swamp and the Atlantic coast.

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Meet Our Nuka Family RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by Rutgerbelsinski

All required topics are located within this forum. Site claims, member directory, story timeline, and moderation assistance for topics, accounts, codes, graphics, & staff help.

Mar 13 2018, 05:37 PM pip-boy menu

A Bronx Tale RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by Edward Mann

Character development boards may be hosted within this forum. Playlists, personal prose, moodboards, aesthetics and more. DoHTML is supported. One topic per character, please.
Dec 1 2017, 12:44 AM pip-boy menu

Character Achievement Claims RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by Joel Rafferty

Create or join factions within this forum. Manage & plot within your faction topic. Claim achievements for groups or characters in this forum.

Oct 31 2017, 10:56 AM pip-boy menu
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---- RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by

Site events are open access to any and all characters. Events are typically launched during special occasions and last a usual duration of 2 months. The final week of any event holds no post order. Participants who fully complete quests will receive a $25 cash reward.
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Challenge 005 RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by Vault-Tec

Challenges are monthly character development prompts. You may nominate 1 character per challenge. Written prompts must reach a 1.5k minimum word count to qualify. Characters that complete a challenge will receive a $25 cash prize.
Feb 3 2018, 10:57 AM pip-boy menu

---- RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by

New quests will be released every 3 months. Faction affiliated characters are welcome to jump in at any time during an active quest. Be sure to speak with your faction leader before starting.
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Mysterious Strangers RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by Lyra Kingsley

The largest, safest, and driest of the settlements, Bellmouth was founded and named after the subway bellmouth it was erected over, directly within the central station. The settlement runs off the majority interests of the people who reside there, and the ultimate call of its standing lawman, Parker Hughes. Bellmouth retains law and order as best it can. People caught breaking the law are judged and punished accordingly. Any and all are welcome within its territory so long as trouble is avoided. People who present problems to the settlement are swiftly kicked from the premises.
Nov 28 2017, 07:19 PM pip-boy menu

Out Of Water RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by Penny Griggs

Down the line from Bellmouth is a damp strip of track called Redline. Street justice and self-service are the names of the game played on this turf. If you have a problem, you deal with it yourself. “If the cash is there, we do not care.” Judgment and self-righteous attitudes are not harbored here. A problem is only a problem if it crosses the interests of Madeline McMurdrow, the fearless and ambitious matriarch of the settlement. Redline is a no questions asked hub for fencing, trading and cheming, and is patrolled by McMurdrow's well-armed heavies.
Jan 4 2018, 01:43 PM pip-boy menu

Sorry Sight Outside Blight RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by Amaryllis Arreaga

The equivalent to a post-war leper colony, Blight rests in a distant and sodden niche of the underground. It is managed under the care of Gloria Sūn, a compassionate and sentient glowing one. Within Blight, ghouls exiled from human society have a safe haven to gather, cope, and survive. It is a fully self-sufficient settlement, the rads from flooded waters being harmless to ghouls and crucial to growing food. Blight is zealously defended by those that now call it home, both by ghoul-kind and by the swarms of ferals that infest this far edge of the tunnel system. Any humans that can survive making it to Blight’s gates are seldom allowed entry.
Oct 11 2017, 03:28 PM pip-boy menu

The Dance Party Is Over RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by Sylvia Picket

The subway tunnels of Blackgrove stretch for miles and miles of track. Some sections of line have been colonized by all different manner of survivor groups, but there are still vast stretches of subway system that are void of human settlement. The tunnels make for a hazardous system and are rife with ferals and other mutated monstrosities. Beware pockets of radiation seeping from above ground and streches of flooded underground from swampland flooding.
Feb 13 2018, 04:41 PM pip-boy menu

---- RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by

Blackgrove, Florida, was a bustling and modernized community of 60,000. Now the city's topside is a radioactive ruin where the unlucky victims that did not escape underground roam freely as feral monsters. It is impossible to survive for any prolonged amount of time without appropriate radiation gear, and the dangers of mutated threats necessitate owning a weapon or traveling with someone who does. Beware former humans, radiation storms, and mutated Florida wildlife!
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---- RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by

Welcome to Vault 24, where the American Dream is preserved and ensured for future generations! Our state-of-the-art underground bunker is programmed to protect and sustain all V24 residents. Located just a brief walk along the track from Adams Station, Vault 24 will be ready and able to release all residents back into the American Commonwealth following mission completion.

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Let The Bright Tomorrow In RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by Johnathan Rotter

America in the year 2077 was a land of advanced technological achievements... and terrible civil strife. (stories before the bombs)
Jan 4 2018, 02:24 PM pip-boy menu
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Jeepers Creepers RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by Johnathan Rotter

All completed adventures will be logged within this forum by the chronological order in which they occurred. Canon story events are strictly limited to those submitted within this holotape archive.
Dec 1 2017, 02:29 AM pip-boy menu

Rhyme Or Associate RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by Keller Torres

Vault-Dwellers are welcome to utilize this forum for their needs. Games may be located within, and sub-forums have been provided for Leaves of Absence and off topics that do not have to pertain to Fallout.

Feb 3 2018, 11:13 AM pip-boy menu

Affiliate With Fallout 2077 RobCo Unified Operating System Entry by BAMF

Not accepting first links. At this time, Vault-Tec will currently be accepting Link Backs from resource forums only. The company is accepting only Fallout related affiliates currently. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Feb 17 2018, 02:19 PM pip-boy menu
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