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a literary roleplay adventure
Over a century ago, the Atomic Era ushered in a world of nuclear power and technological wonder. Resource consumption to fuel this new energy source brought about global shortages. International incitement sparked. Paranoia and corruption exploded. The United States was converted into a Cold War police state as global conflict escalated. The year is now 2077, and air-raid sirens announce nuclear detonation as warheads devastate the American Commonwealth. You flee to the nearest bit of shelter you can find, taking refuge underground. The world above is lost. Welcome to the beginning of the end of the pre-war world.
advanced roleplay L3 S2 V3 merging prose & gameplay

2077 is a unique Fallout experience based heavily off the realistic Fallout 4 survival mod Frost. 2077 is a dark, gritty slog through human perseverance inspired off the post-war struggles of 'This War of Mine' and the unraveling of civilization seen in 'Bioshock.' This written adventure will be set in the aftermath of a freshly post-nuclear world, where logical realism overrides over-powered gameplay. Fallout is a mature-rated series & we run an 18+ forum. Have questions or need help? Our chat is guest friendly.
currently set in January- March of the year 2078

Welcome to Blackgrove, Florida, a bustling and diverse community of 60,000. Originally founded within scenic swampland by Seminole natives emigrating out of Indiantown, the boon of factories and businesses has utterly transformed the locale over the decades. Wildland was paved over, properties were erected, highways and boulevards laid down, metro systems constructed, and a fully modernized city was developed, surrounded by Blackgrove's wildlife preserve, Florida swamp and the Atlantic coast.

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UPDATE: FALLOUT 76 With the announcement of Bethesda's newest installment to the Fallout series, 2077 will be going offline. The future of lore, story, and renewed member interest will be determined in the wake of the new game's announcement and launch. Please stand by.

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Termlink: 2077 is going offline with the announcement of Fallout 76 from Bethesda Softworks. The future will determine what new lore, story, and interest in the series will arise. Guests are welcomed to use our site's C.H.A.T. feature. Vault-Tec wishes you a prepared future.
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